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Fire Protection Services

Fire-stop walls

Your building’s resistance to fire will determine its structural stability if a fire occurs. Proco has become a leader in installing fire-resistant exterior walls and interior divisions. We use the best techniques and materials on the market. Our walls are effective in preventing fire of spreading and offer the protection level required by the National Building Code of Canada.

Type of protection used

  • Fire-stop metal cladding
  • Fire-stop prefabricated panels
  • Smoke-shielding walls
  • Fireproofing protection


The application of a flame-resistant product helps protect metal frames. Since fires can lead to critical situations, owners, architects, and designers regularly demand coating systems that offer protection against fire while preserving the visual appearance.

These fireproof structures are used in:

  • Airport structures
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Conference centres
  • Plants
  • Hydroelectric power plants

We are qualified and certified for the application of the most complex coating systems in the industry. We have mastered these fireproofing application techniques and use equipment operated by competent technicians.

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