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Plate-work components

Proco designs and manufactures various production equipment for clients worldwide.

Custom-made components that meet standards

Buckets, hoppers, silos, or tanks; our visionary team of engineers is at its best designing plate-work components. The performance of software such as AMETank for the API 650 tanks and SAFI for structural elements is assisted by our finite-element calculation capacity when necessary.

Our strength lies in designing components according to the customer’s requirements while respecting globally accepted standards such as API 620, API 650, and AWWA.

Creativity and productivity: essential qualities

Our team works in a stimulating environment in which creativity is a major asset. Using the most advanced equipment and software in the industry, our teams meet and often beat deadlines. Three-dimensional modelling and integration with Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes allow the creation, communication, and analysis of digital representations, thus facilitating the realization of projects. Through BIM, our clients can integrate their equipment and ensure effective interdisciplinary coordination.

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